Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review by Paula Martin His Leading Lady

5.0 out of 5 stars                 Perfect              October 5, 2012

Paula Martins' book, His Leading Lady, in one word....Perfect.

It has everything that a romance novel should have: sexy male and female characters, humor, mystery, chemistry, antagonists, misunderstandings, pride, forgiveness, pain, joy, and reconciliations.

Never did the story slow down nor turned boring. It captivated from the start and held the captivation. The dialogue was smooth and the characters were portrayed very nicely. The story line itself was believable and I loved the idea of the main character being a twin and the twist in the story that was pulled off.

It is a story that leaves you rooting for love and angry with the very real and manipulative threat at the end. No will need to read to understand it.

My favorite two lines in the book are:
"If it's not what you want to do above anything else, it won't work for you."
"Och and remember sometimes real life can have a happy ending like a musical show."

Thank you Paula, for those two statements breathe life into people of the real world. I fell in love with your characters and will definitely be reading more of your books!

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