Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Review Turn Down the Heat by Wendy Steele

Very very good..., September 4, 2012

Wendy Steele has done it again...another set of short stories to portray her talent and imagination. A set of stories that will leave you smiling on the inside and out as she explores human nature and divine interventions.

To Have and To Hold....beautiful...enchanting...what dreams are made of and some dreams do come true.

The Search ... a mother's love sharing a painful experience with her child...but I won't be a spoiler to the end of this story!

A Baby of My Own is a likable story about influences from one generation to another. No need to say more because you will truly like this story and the message it carries.

My Friend, My Angel....a story of how a person's encouragement can mean the world to another.

Mum's the Word...I really enjoyed this story but can't tell you about it because...Mum's the Word!

Definitely a 5 star read waiting for your eyes and heart to devour it...

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