Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looking Back...

What??!!! NO WAY!! Yes, way! On September 7, 2012, I officially became unemployed.

Before that is viewed as a bad thing I would like to share with you that I haven’t had a vacation in at least five years. In fact, I can’t remember my last vacation. Maybe a weekend here and a weekend there but I do remember because of my work I missed a cruise on a ship with my mother and two sisters because of work. Fortunately, my career as an aircraft mechanic is one that as long as I don’t stay unemployed too long I can pick right up and start again. Not many people have that option.

During my time off, I had fun: going to see my friends in various locations, going to my nephew’s sports games, camping with my son, enjoying sunsets and just being able to hang out with family.

Taylor - my nephew- playing basketball
From left to right - Me, Barbara
and Rhonda on a girl's night out!

Thanksgiving 2012, my
youngest son Logan and I
went camping at Tyler
State Park, Tyler, Texas.

Left to Right:
Me, Mom, Dad, Sister
about to run/walk 5K

However, as an author it can not all be fun and games:


1.)  I FIRED my traditional publisher and went completely Indie!
2.) Sold a total of 101 books of Journey to Freedom from April 2012 to Dec 2012.
3.) Published, “Their Journey Begins” in November 2012.
4.) Published, “Transcendence” in November 2012.
5.) Wrote a 4,500 word short story for an anthology to be published in 2013.
6.) Wrote 25,000 words on a story to be published in 2013.
7.) Wrote on the Inner Chamber which will be published in 2013.
8.) Became a Book Review Columnist for The Examiner online newspaper.
9.) Became a top reviewer for Amazon.
10) Became a social network geek with accounts on: Goodreads, Google plus, facebook, twitter, blogger and Linked In.
11.) I have met many wonderful people among the way, many who have become friends.   
12.) Taken a children's book by a fellow friend and author and read it to the Cross Plains Library After School Program.

Take that traditional publisher!




And now with a sad countenance, I go back to the land of worker bees. I am headed to Mustang Oklahoma to practice my avionic skills at my next company….

With that all being said, I regret to inform you that my online presences will not be as much as it has been because this job will be a sixty hour work week – yes, sigh, sixty hours…


  1. I wish you the best of luck, K-Trina. The work you've done for us all and the joy you're brought into our lives during your bountiful hiatus will not be forgotten. The best of luck in the wonderfully named Mustang, Oklahoma...xx

  2. Good luck in your new endeavor. I gave 12 years to school, 3 months to advance engineering school, 46 years to the school of hard knocks and working for myself and others, and finally the last few to writing. I have to say the last few have been the most delightful, but unfortunately not as monitarily rewarding.
    Be sure to repair those planes carefully, some of we hopefulls may be riding on them....

  3. Thank you Wiz - I appreciate everything you do too for us Indie's.

  4. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting Ault! 12 years to school! Wow, that is impressive! Congrats and best of luck to you on your writing too! And yes, I will keep these planes flying high and safe!


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